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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The answer to the poll is clearly Gaston Gaudio, who very few picked to win the 2004 French Open final once he had got there, and Gaudio getting to the final was a big surprise in itself. Still, Gaudio clinched the title when Coria failed to do so, so it's fully deserved, even though it was probably the most bizarre final ever seen.

I can't believe some people are voting Korda, who could always be a dangerous player and was in very good form in late 1997-early 1998.

1 major, the 2002 Australian Open.
Johansson does have more titles and a MS trophy to his credit. Still, Gaudio finished in the top ten two years in a row while Johansson never finished a season with a rank above 14. His record of 29-24 in his 2002 campaign is just atrocious.
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