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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Strung up Prince Premiere Attack 16 last night. It was very easy to string up with the exception of the coil memory. A light prestretch would have taken care of that easily but I don't want to prestretch any multis I test so that there are less variables changed between playtests. Really nice feel bouncing the ball off the strings. Think this one has real potential.
I think you're right on that one!

Intellitour broke today. It was one of my favorite setups until I picked up PPA. I played with it for 2 sets. It's soft, doesn't feel like gut but feels like a high quality multi, low powered, good ball pocketing, good spin, and doesn't move a lot (for the first 2 sets at least). It didn't feel like the tension was too low, so my thinking is that the string factor makes the RacquetTune measurements deceivingly low if you don't adjust for it. I might even go looser next time for more power and feel. It may not be as crisp as RIP Control at the net and doesn't have the poly-type directional control that RC has. I have to make adjustments for touch shots after being used to RC hybrids (PPA tended to be a little long on drop shots), but those are minor issues. It's the most comfortable setup I've used in a long time. If it lasts more than 8 hours and doesn't drop off a cliff in performance and tension, then I'm done with RC.

If it lasts, then I hope you hate this string. It's priced at $9.50, so I hope you tell everyone it's just another Wilson Sensation!

Kirschbaum Touch Multifibre will be next. At over $14, it better be really good if PPA's durability and tension maintenance hold up. I have a set of MCS that I was going to try as a cross with RC, but that will have to wait until I become more familiar with PPA. I know it's a bit early to tell. I'm hoping that this one lasts.
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