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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
I think that is a very well written response. But I would like to pick you up on one thing "a proven idea called play and stay in Europe since 2005" - it isn't proven at all, and we won't see if it is proven to produce top players until maybe 2020 (assuming players started at Mini Red at age 5 in 2005). In fact one of the greatest criticisms of the scheme in the UK was that there was no proof at all - it was just one persons "idea".

Don't get me wrong, I love the modified equipment, but I don't like the mandate we have dictating what age can play what "colour" competition. Biological age should dictate, not chronological age.

Otherwise, well said!

thanks ash, yes I agree the LTA is out in left field with the mandate but it isn't like this in my section cross my fingers.

the one person is the "belgian wink wink" steve martens Belgian what a coincidence.

ah the good old days

anyway I am convinced of the RPT methods and hope they open a branch in the US.

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