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Originally Posted by LMK5 View Post
They call it Quickstart for a reason. It is aimed at kids who haven't played and need help to get going and hopefully enjoy the game more. I get that. But what about the kids who don't need a quick start, but are already well on their way? Do we force training wheels on kids who already know how to ride a bike, simply because we're hoping more kids will want to ride?

How does it help the USTA, the kids, or anyone else when you take a mid-level kid who has been playing for 2-5 years and tell them they have to start playing with dead balls? These kids are long past the dinking stage. What does it really say about Quickstart when you have to force kids to play Quickstart?

Playing up? My 10 year old was told last week that she had to play in her "natural age division" or withdraw. She opted for the latter.

Hey Pro Tour, will your feelings change when they tell your 9 year old he can no longer play in the 12s? Mandates tend to come in bunches.
LM, sorry I stopped at QS, it is not called QS anymore it is called 10 and under initiative for your reason.

in our section it is not the case, you can play up and do not withdraw. With my 6 year old, he is not affected and going along fine,

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