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^^^ oh I love this guy bruce, I gave him an idea oh how to handle all these different colored balls in his first video. Now he supports these balls but not the mandates. I did not know the LTA was so strict about the ages. In the US, the rules are more relaxed. RULES ( foot fault exact size of racquet) should not be that enforced in U10 anyway, not sure why the folks in the UK are complicating this even more
I wouldn't say that I'm a specialist in early tennis development but I believe that the fallacy lies in the fact that the mandate is viewed as the be-all, end-all cure. To me, it's just a tool. All the other factors (parenting, training, mental, attitude, etc) need to come together to produce champions. You can get 10,000 kids into tennis through ROG but if they are poisoned by poor attitude from parents, coaches and the powers-that-be, we'll be in the same boat as we are today...just more average (and disgruntled) parents, players and coaches.
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