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Its sad how they did the 10s.And when clueless people say play up in the 12s there is the problem.In GA level 4 and 5 12s tournaments are green ball.The good kids dont need green ball!!!!Next problem is trying to get into level 3 tournaments when they only let 16 in the draw.My daughter is in a bad situation thanks to mandates.
I live in Georgia and my 9 year boy can get in the southern level 3s because of his 10s ranking in the south. Like it or not you have to do what is needed. We anticipated this happening.

Southern level 3 tournaments in GA are 2 draws of 16. 28 spots for that age division and 4 from the younger division who are ranked in the top 40 in the south. GAtennis put your daughter in some GA level 3 tournaments like the Polar Bear in Macon on Feb 18th. She can play regular ball in those and get some points to help get in the southern level 3s.
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