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I don't know the details of the program, but I think the program gets into trouble when it talks about champions, American champions at that. This is what is wrong with tennis, in my opinion. We don't need champions. What we need are fans. People who actually play tennis, buy racquets, get coaching, go to see tournaments, even World Team Tennis. People who actually can name the number 253 player in the world, not just the very top (Ferrer who?). Tennis will die as a professional sport if the number 100 player in the world is not a millionaire. It is just too much hard work to get to the top only to eek out a meager existence. I mean, how many baseball players make million dollars a year around the world? Soccer players? For that to happen, people need to care about tennis as a game and not tennis as some star gazing or idol worship activity.

Anyways, for creating fans, the new program is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, it will bring in more kids into the sport. Of course, it's a bit harder because tennis is an individual sport, as one's shortcomings will get exposed immediately. There is no moment of glory (the kid playing right field making a miraculous catch to end the game, etc.). And it's true that I can't see kids who are not good at tennis continuing to play. Maybe the program needs to look into making tennis more team-oriented, more local groups like Little League where they have drafts.

I am not sure if this rambling makes sense, but my two cents.
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