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Default EXO3 Warrior 100 Review & Home of "The Warriors"

OK, I just got a demo of the new Prince Warrior 100. Plan on hitting with it tomorrow if it stays dry enough!!! I never liked the Prince Black but this new offering is intriguing. Nice mid stiffness level of 64 with perfect "players-tweener" specs of 11oz, 320 sw and 24 beam. The specs are almost identical to my regular racquet...the Becker DC Pro, so I should feel right at home with it almost immediately.

I weighed my racquet and it was 328 grams with dampener and overgrip. Came in at 4 1/2 pts headlite. It swings quicker through the air than my Becker...probably due to the O-ports. I will try it stock first, but I am thinking it may need a little lead to keep it from feeling too "whippy". My demo is strung with full Prince Lightning XX and I think I am the first to get this looks unused. The paintjob is OK....mostly black with some white and silver. Not a flashy look, but not ugly either. I wonder if u can get this racquet with the regular string holes on the sides, as opposed to the port holes? I just hate stringing racquets with the port holes!

Stay tuned! More to come! If anyone else has hit with this racquet already, please let me know what your thought were.
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