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Originally Posted by Crazy man View Post
No. I don't see how anyone could think Gaudio or Johansson are better players than Roddick.

How is that being a loser? He won a slam, four runners up to a very tough matchup and has won a truckload of titles and has won DC. Strong showings across AO, W and US as well as ending in the top 10 for god knows how many years. With what? A huge serve and a huge forehand with not much else (although his forehand went when Gilbert did). Roddick in some ways did better than guys who had a lot more game. Definately not a loser, only a troll or an idiot would think like that.

How many ATP titles have you won by the way?
Only a troll couldn´t see that Roddick´s an overrated player on those boards.He won no more slams than Moya ( a far better player ), Ferrero ( at least, as good as him), Gaudio,Johansson,Korda...well, he has one more win than the other overrated guy, Rios.
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