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Originally Posted by Tshooter View Post
"The myth-
Novak was a weakling who could not last a 5th set"

I think it's a myth that this is a myth. Who that has followed his career thinks he ever couldn't last 5 ?

He could from the early days.

First time I saw him was 2005 in New York. He won a long 5 set match over Gael Monfils in round one. Later in the week played a long 5 setter against Verdasco in round three-- just coming up short. But it was clear this was one tough kid. He was only 18 at the time. 3rd round USO, 5 set battle. Not too shabby.

Yes, he bent the time-out rules and he would default and he may have had some allergy issues I don't know. But once he was committed to a match there wasn't much question about his ability to fight through 5.

Tell you the match that I thought this kid is the real deal. 2007 USO. He was only 20 then I believe. That five set win over Stapanek. It was about 4-3/4 hours in the Sept NY humidity. Anyone that thought he couldn't win 5 set matches after that match didn't see that match.
If you've been following the boards here, plenty of people are saying "this is weird, Djokovic was a weakling who couldn't last a 5 set match, now he's superman and outlasting Nadal!"

You are one of the people who actually remember the truth. I totally forgot about that Monfils match, that's another one. In fact the big criticism to be levelled at Djokovic was he made the early rounds too tough and thus ran out of steam at the end of slams.
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