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ok I got to play 2 sets today with the warrior and its a nice racquet. Wasn't as whippy as I thought it was going to be and it felt pretty solid stock and I don't think I would add any weight to it. The beam is a little thicker than I would like and it the racquet does feel a little large and clunky. For some reason the hoop looks bigger than other 100" racquets. The racquet has a nice combination of power and control. Not quite as powerful as my Becker, but no slouch either. Spin was easy to get with the very open pattern and round shaped head. I hit some nice kickers with it, but couldn't get the same pace as normal on flatter serves. Feel was in the middle...not too flexy and not too stiff.
Really liked this racquet from the baseline. Groundstrokes felt good and you didn't have to work too hard to maintain depth. Volleys were very good and the racquet felt nice and solid on punch volleys.

I think this racquet could fit a wide variety of players and would be a great choice for 3.5-4.0 players. I think this is a nice upgrade from the EXO3 Black and White.
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