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Got about 2 hours in with XR1 today. Tecnifibre just makes good multis. It is fraying like crazy and I have 2 hard hitters on Tuesday and Thursday. I'll frankly be surprised if it survives Tuesday.

Hit for about 1 minute with Signum Pro Micronite today. Man that is a comfortable string. Got Prince Premiere Attack before Micronite. After that test, I'll try the Boris Becker multi out and then it will be the battle of the premium multis with Klip Venom, Kirschbaum Multifibre and Wilson NXT.

I cleaned out a drawer today and found what looks to be 2 half sets of Wilson Reaction. So that may get added to the playtest too. Also will be trying a Yonex 80% natural gut/20% multi prototype. Plenty of playtesting the next 2 months and then hopefully back to the mikeler matchup by then.
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