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Originally Posted by canuckfan View Post
BlakeAF, I see that the steam 100 was also at the demo. Did you hit with it, and if so, what did you think?
I didn't hit it at the demo, but I did demo it a few days before. The first two rackets I demo'd were the steam and juice 100 looking for a compliment to my pro open. At first I didn't like the steam because of paint and 27.25 length. The juice was more like the pro open. I didn't really like either more than my pro open.

Then I tried the juice pro and it was like magic with a new poly hybrid setup. I couldn't put it down. I found my weight lifting hitting partner could no longer push me around at net or with first serves, and while the pro tour felt uncomfortable this just felt right. IMO this is the most improved racket of 2012 from Wilson although I never hit with pro staffs before these demos.

After going back I could not enjoy the juice 100. It was too much power, and not as controlled as my pro open. Now that I was used to the 27.25 length of the juice pro (really only took 30 mins of hitting) I tried the steam again. This time it wasn't so bad, but I really only enjoyed serving and hitting long casual rallies. It was easy to hit with, great for an older guy I hit with, and more comfortable on 2 hand backhands with the added length. I got pushed around again, but once dialing it in I didn't dislike it as much.

I really enjoyed the pro staff 95, but found the juice pro to be more suited to m as a clear transition from the pro open. The pro staff 100 just baffled me. The 95 was extremely popular at the demo. I saw at least 6 people buy them and the three strongest players there picked them up and hogged them the whole time. They all imitated federer.

I bought the juice pro with alu power full bed @45 lbs. next most popular was juice 100 the. Steam 100.

The juice pro seems to be an under looked racket, but I can't recommend trying it enough especially to pro open players who might get pushed around a little or find a bit too much power. It was comparable to the new roddick, but felt better to me.
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