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Originally Posted by 99%out View Post
How would you compare the Pro Open and the Juice?
Very similar, but the juice felt a bit more powerful and just a bit off in all categories. Very similar, but I liked the pro open better from everywhere on the court. I would say it was strings but I hit the pro open and juice 100 with equally mediocre strings. There was just something that clicked with the pro open and I feel just like the op about it. The juice pro has that same feel for me but with a different style racket. The new pro open has it too, and honestly it felt exactly the same to me as 2011. I felt right at home.

Summary I freaking love pro open 2011 and 2012 they just feel right, and I feel the same about the juice pro (96 in head, heavier) for a diff style. Juice and steam were solid but missed something for me.
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