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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
I saw 6-4, 2-4 on the LiveStats at one point, so Willems was definitely up a break and lost 4 straight games.

The streaks of losing many games in a row have been killers for Clemson so far. They need a little more mental toughness and confidence.
I agree with that. As of right now the team seems like they don't believe they can win these close matches with higher rated teams. Mainly because we lost a bunch of 4-3 decisions last year. Hopefully the team gets one big win soon and gets them confidence(Louisville perhaps).

Hunter Harrington has had a bunch of close losses so far to good players. He has not been routed yet. These close losses include to, Efferding, Jha,Gomez(UK), Szacinski and Pieters. He has one win and that was over Hauk of St.Jonhns another very close match. Just a point here and there ane he will be dangerous
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