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From my exp. reg 6 had a great feeder from all the local training avenues. Would some of the lower numbers be from the local academy dwindlings? They like to hype that business is good butů well I'll just say they have alot of pride and only see how they financial are. Chrissy Evert will nvr be broke. Which means baby brother Johnny won't be eithor. Macci @ 300$hr isn't going broke eithor. Tarik, Saviono and all of them up and down make good coin. It's tourism at its best. But, they aren't producing anything else. I do think academy's played a major function in Reg. 6. Any other ideas on why? I bet if you track players from 2 yrs ago in the Fl tourn. You might find them all ovr the place in last wks tourn. Hince the academy kids went back home. Reg 6 had a large number of transients in jr tennis. The wealthier can easily have Florida address with the grandparents and different vacation condos. Can we say foreclosure might have a little impact. Lose the condo before the mansion!! It also took two yrs longer for the real recession to hit Boca and Broward. On the average they could hold their breath a little longer when watching the funds
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