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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Bout time she is back. Yes I know she was expecting but the diva division needs her badly. Beth Phoenix can't carry the division talent wise on her own.

Also, I find it hilarious that Michelle McCool and Maryse..neither of whom were that talented, ran away once Kharma came along in the company...probably didn't want her stomping them in about 4 seconds flat in matches.
McCool is married to the undertaker and they wanted to start a family is the story I heard so she walked away for the time being.

No idea on Maryse.

The divas suck 100% because of Laurantis. he got away from women that could wrestle and started hiring failed models to get in there. None have panned out for them. The few that could wrestle are now either in TNA or retired. He chased them off because they didnt have that look they wanted. Never mind they could wrestle at the same level as most of their men but they were not 5'10" and blonde.
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