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great to hear, I am the op, and a user of the Pro Open. I have always loved it from all aspects of the court. I also can't help but think if it was called the pure drive and the pure drive was called the pro open, the "pure drive" would be all over the courts...if that makes sense. People need to give this frame a chance, because it's better in every aspect of the game vs the pure drive. But people look at babolat and think they are better. (this is coming from a previous babolat sponsored player using the roddick) But am I correct in saying you think the original plays just like the 2012? My wilson rep told me it has the bigger grommets. But who knows. Maybe I should just stock up on the older PO's. Unfortunately have to pay for them. also what is your string experiences? 45lbs sounds kind of crazy low!
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