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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
Nattie is a joke now. the whole she farts thing is gonna bury her as a legit wrestler. I dont know who thought that was a good idea but its not. Plus she had a decent angle with the make the models cry thing, why kill that?

Beth has nobody to work with at all. If she did you would see the talent she has. Maybe with karma you will get that but as of now she is just coasting because her best cant be matched and it takes two to look good.

the rest of the divas are forgettable at best. I agree makes me want Ivory, Lita, victoria, Mickie, and Trish back. actually wrestlers that worked hard at their craft. I would even take a Debra who could heel manage over these girls.

which makes me think whatever happened to managers. they have about 1 right now with Vickie and she put dolph over really well. Also Swagger is having a mini run after they half buried him when he lost the title. They need more managers for guys that can perform but have limited mic skills.
Don't forget about my favorite mamacita Rosa w/ the Colons.
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