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Originally Posted by rich s View Post
Irvin.... I don't think it will sit up that high.... the angle adapter that replaces the tension/track bar adapter is very short...... the distance between the bottom of the legs that the adapters bolt to and the top of the gripper is only 8.5" ....... as long as the distance from the top of the base to the racket mounts is roughly 8.5", the OP should be ok.......

I don't think the OP is going have luck finding a Home Depot that will transfer the holes from the adapter to the machine base as s/he is hoping.....
Maybe so but he will then be pulling from above the string bed instead of below the string bed.

From the picture I am not so sure the mounting supports will work as designed. You are going to be putting more pressure on that screw support now. The pulling force will be more in an upward direction which may take the racket over the outside supports. When the pulling force is below the string bed the racket can't go under the supports. I am no engineer but would like to hear from someone with an engineering background.

I would not install the Wise on that stringer if it was me.
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