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Originally Posted by Racquet-Priority View Post
With all respect.. If you spend that money on a tension head, why not buy a solid table etc. I don't know if your plan will work but it sounds to me like putting a ferrari motor in a old Ford car.

the OP might be in a position where s/he can't afford to acquire a Wise and a new stringing machine but wants to upgrade his/her tensioner..... that's the position I was in; so I am somewhat sympathetic to what s/he is trying to do....

When you look at the turn table on the eStringer CL it is the same as that on the eStringer FL and Jazz...... it is not a shabby turn table...... the base that it is mounted on may not look like much but equally when you look at the base on red series Gamma Progression stringers they have an ABS plastic tray over a very crude injection molded/cast aluminum base...... but it works....

additionally.... ... when the OP wants to upgrade the stringing machine portion of his/her set-up s/he can keep the Wise and mount it on their new machine..... same as what I did when I upgraded from the 602FC to the 6004.... the Wise is very accomodating for incremental upgrades as finances allow....

....and some of the old Ford cars ('69, '70 Mustang Boss 302s, 429s, Mach I's, etc) are pretty cool

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