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Yeah when I first started demo'ing the first racquets I got to demo were the Aero Pro and Pure Drive because they were so highly hyped and seemed like the cool kids racquets with local players. When I tried the Pro Open though it was love at first hit.

I have played the 2011 Pro Open with a full bed of synthetic gut @ 57 lbs, a hybrid wilson champions duo @ 54/58 lbs, a full bed of poly @ 54 and 45 lbs, and all setups felt great really. Something about this stick... More recently though my local pro has had me using full bed of poly at lower weights (45 lbs). It extends string life, elbow life, and in general plays great. If money or stringing inconvenience weren't issues I would always roll with the nice hybrid setup. Poly at low tensions seems to be getting more and more popular, and you can check out some blog posts @

It is a matter of preference really. I find the stick handles so well with whatever setup. When I hit the 2012 Pro Open it was stock nxt 16 that had been worn out already, but luckily the 2011 Pro Open they had the demo had equally worn out strings so I could compare them. They felt identical, and I felt right at home with the 2012.

I had read your post before I went to the demo and I specifically asked the rep about any changes, including grommits, and he said as far as he knew it was simply a new paint job and reduced price (159 vs 189). Honestly though, he may not have known as he was a bit of a salesman. All I know is it felt identical. The store is supposed to get some in early next week and they will string one up with a nice hybrid setup and they are going to call me when they come in so I will give it a try and see if I notice anything. I will try to get pictures of more details.

You can try the Juice 100, but it wasn't the same magical combination for me. The only new racquets I really enjoyed were the 2012 Pro Open and Juice Pro.
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