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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Maybe so but he will then be pulling from above the string bed instead of below the string bed.
the top of the Wise gripper sits ~8.5" above the mount.... if the gripper is over an inch tall and the string sits down in the gripper, the height from the mount to where the string sits in the gripper will be closer to 7.5"...... so that gives us even a little more margin/latitude


From the picture I am not so sure the mounting supports will work as designed. You are going to be putting more pressure on that screw support now. The pulling force will be more in an upward direction which may take the racket over the outside supports. When the pulling force is below the string bed the racket can't go under the supports.
The mounts on this turntable are the type that you screw/tighten down to hold the racket to the towers..... I think the force the screws see when you tighten down the racquet is far greater than the ~20-30 lbs of additional force that the screws would see from pulling the string thru the grommets in an upward direction..... I don't think it would be a deal breaker......but like you, I don't think that it would be an optimal situation to be pulling up on the frame......

the key here is for the OP to measure from the mounting surface (on the towers) to the top face of the base plate........ if that distance is 8.5" or more the modification can be done..... if it is less than 8.5" then it is not worth doing.....

I am no engineer but would like to hear from someone with an engineering background.
.... I am

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