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Default Looks like USTA is finding new ways to mess up in VA

Anyone know what's going on here? Reducing the voice of a strong district within the section and possibly moving administration of USTA activities in Virginia to another district or section, possibly outside VA doesn't sound like a winning idea to me.

Maybe I'm wrong...

Could also have impact nationally as one item would limit the voting percentage of all districts nationally.

The three specific issues that are of concern are:

1) A potential Call Item to National USTA to divide Districts in order to reduce voting strength;

2) A potential Call Item to National USTA that would limit Districts, including Virginia, to a maximum of 35% voting strength at the Section level. (Currently, Virginia represents 57% of the membership in Mid Atlantic.)

3) Potential bylaw changes at the Mid-Atlantic Section that would take away Virginia’s autonomy to administer its leagues, programs, etc. while at the same time diminishing financial transparency and volunteer oversight.
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