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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Maryse was injured and decided to retire/be Miz's arm candy rather than step back in the ring.

The best diva of all time was a former model (Trish). She worked her *** off to get better in the ring. These girls now don't work at all to get better. Even Beth is overrated in my book. It'll never be like it was during the glory days of the divas again. Lita, Trish, Ivory, Victoria, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Jazz. Not only were they good in the ring but they weren't all cookie cutter blondes. They were unique and actually had characters/personas.

Maryse even though she wasn't the best in the ring was probably the best heel character of the divas. She should have gotten more of a shot as the top heel, I'd rather have Maryse's french b**ch character than Beth and Nattie's angry blonde characters. And Nattie has the voice of a man. Kharma's ok but the divas roster is so p*ss poor now that it's hard for me to get hyped about it. If she was around 10 years ago it would have been great.
Maryse I thought left to pursue a career in modeling. I honestly liked her character, but it was painfully obvious she was seriously limited as a wrestler. She couldn't even hold her own against McCool really convincingly and needed dumb gimmicks to get any kind of upper hand on Melina. The girl was insanely gorgeous, and knew how to play the bad girl role...but she seriously couldn't wrestle. I don't find it at all surprising that she left when Kharma showed up, because there was no way she could convincingly wrestle against her.

As for McCool, she was not great either. Slow, uncoordinated and only looked good because she was paired with Layla (who is way more talented). She got the push she got because of her marriage to Undertaker, and because Mickie James got canned and Phoenix got injured and Smackdown had no one else. She didn't deserve all the attention she got, although she certainly took great advantage of what was given to her. She however was an amazing heel character, and knew how to work a mike, even if she wasn't the best wrestler.

Then the WWE let go of 2 actually talented girls, well 3. They canned Mickie (dumb decision) then let Melina and Gail Kim go. I think Melina rushed back from her ACL surgury to quickly and was never the same, but she did it because she was pressured to by the company, then after she worked her tail off to get back she got released? um not cool. She was one of their top divas. Gail is insanely talented, the WWE just didn't want to recognize it. Kharma is in my opinion the best female wrestler out their today, and I hope the WWE lets her show it, although the only one they have that can give her a good match is Phoenix.
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