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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

Any idea what the politics are behind these changes?

I guess I could understand the need to "protect" and therefore grow smaller areas. My leagues are in MD, but I have never felt any friction with Virginia.

I know there is a lot of friction between DC and MD (perhaps not on the administration level but on the player level). Certain MD players have a habit of fielding all-star teams in DC to earn an easy trip to sectionals without the bother of going through MD Districts.

I can't say I blame them, but I understand that the DC 4.0 ladies senior league was won by an all-star team from MD, which went to sectionals but defaulted two courts to finish last at sectionals (IIRC). The feeling in some quarters in DC was irritation that the DC-based players lost the chance to go to sectionals to a MD team that didn't take sectionals seriously.
Yeah its a mistery to me too, unless it's some local USTA politics / power play. IMHO VA and MD tend to have a lot of players and thus tend to be more competitive. If DC wanted to protect their leagues, couldn't they limit the number of VA or MD players on each team or something along those lines?

But going back to this announcement, I wonder if it really about money. By splitting up and managing VA under other districts, they would be able to tap a rich vein of players and their fees.
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