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Originally Posted by Towerofpower205 View Post
Our academy has players doing 20 hours of on court as well as 5 hours of speed and strength training m-f and then 3 hours of match play on sat.
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Me and my brother hit the courts for at least 3 hours a day when its not snowing/raining. This is recent, and we haven't played that much since we have other interests too and school of course. However like last summer and the one before that we use to play 6 to 7 hours a day. We had breakfast went to play, came home for lunch, went to play again then came home for dinner and relaxed (: so when we first started 3 years ago, 35+ hours now its more like 20 hours weather permitting of course
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I play about 20 hrs a week
Just curious - when you say "play" 5,6,7 hours a day, what does that mean? What intensity? What kind of plan? What kind of regard is taken for the body, etc. I know this would vary from an "Academy" vs kids playing on their own, but more than 2-3 hours per day on court seems like it wouldn't be focused, intense, or leave time for off-court training. Not a criticism, just curious.
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