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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
Its not punks fault. They killed almost all his momentum by having him do the kevin nash/HHH stuff. When they got him going again with the jonny ace feud it came back a little but they really hurt his push. The other issue is there is no heel for him to go against. With Jericho back there is but outside of him ziggler/Swagger were not cutting it.
Fair point. Part of it is that Punk's better as a natural heel, so it's still like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with him as a face. Orton's the same way, but he's gotten a bit better at it. Punk doesn't come off as likeable in a lot of his promos. I know people want to compare him to Austin, but it's not even close. Austin was going with what the tone of the culture was at that time and being an everyman while shoving it to his boss, while Punk calls himself the best in the world which is still a heelish, arrogant statement while bullying Johnny Ace.

With all of punks faults he is making Daniel Bryan look horrible. Bryan is just so blah its unreal. This entire AJ angle sucks. She pretends hurt and then comes out heel woman or wakes up and says enough and screws bryan over. Either way neither one is that entertaining. Its a shame Mark Henry got hurt because him vs the Big Show was good. Two monsters going at it and Henry has been doing some of the best work he has ever done.
I totally disagree. If anything Bryan's been on fire right now and is much better than Punk at this point. Even last week he pretty much owned Punk and the only comeback Punk had was "Well I'm still the best in the world" which was just plain lame.

Bryan coming out and yelling "YES YES YES!" is the best thing going right now. Really have to agree to disagree w/ you on that one, Bryan's heel turn has been well done and pretty awesome.

They need tag teams to make a come back. The ones that have a name and a common theme. I like the Uso's and the Mexican team but they have a real lack of teams that make sense. every tag team match seems to be lets throw 4 guys in a ring together because we dont have a plan for them.
I know I'm alone in this but I don't even miss the tag teams all that much. I know E&C, the Dudleys, the Hardys, and all those guys was the golden age for tag teams, and it was great, but I'm not really missing the days of the tag teams all that much. I'm sure if they cared they could make a decent tag division w/ the guys on the roster, but I'm kinda over tag teams in general. Though like I said I do love me some Rosa.

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