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The DC team I played on (or I should say didn't play on) a few years back was a MD all-star team.

The DC senior 4.0 women team this year was a MD all-star team.

I believe there have been some NOVA all-star teams as well that played as a DC team.

That said, I will defer to your recollection, Topaz. I only pay attention to DC when there's some drama, so my perspective is probably skewed.

Anyway, I've committed to a DC 4.0 team. It's a team my regular partner plays on, so I'm sticking with her. This team has been reasonably high in the standings in the past and hopes to make a real run this year.

And I am courting a 4.0 senior guy, hoping to entice him to be my senior 8.0 mixed partner this summer. If he says yes, we will kill our opponents. How this guy has a 4.0 computer rating is beyond me.
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