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Yes, John it's great you have that match, as I recall you'll see Noah really showing his beatiful serve at least in the 1st set of that match, scorching flat serves and sweet sweet slices. I know he hits his wonderful slice down the middle of the ad court a few times(a pure slice down the middle of the ad is a lost shot now because of modern mechanics). Noah could hit that one with big speed and a little break or ahuge break wide (as in it would hit the backstop about 7 feet into the deuce court.)

You and Thomas are certainly right about the emotionalism. Perhaps Noah rode it to victory at the French but it sure cost him at other times. Still I think he needed passion because honestly his game was not solid enough to beat the big guys generally. He needed to be lunging and diving(which he did so much better than anyone else ever has, not like lumbering Becker or Flipper flopping around and using his athleticism to intimidate. I always liked Arthur Ashe's description of Noah "Michael Jordan with a racquet".

I do remember all those incidents (except for the racquet breaking)!

It's nice you got to see Agenor Thomas, he was a fun player. Did you know that he was actually one of Agassi's least favorite player's to play? Gilbert once said he was Agassi's "nightmare". Andre just did not like his game. I was always impressed how fast he could pop the 1st serve for a little guy.
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