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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
^^^I couldn't disagree with you more about Daniel Bryan, there's way more exciting varieties of 80's wallpaper. Someone coming out saying yes yes yes is not the best thing going. It makes me want to turn the channel. The funkasaurus, r-truth, and jericho are the most entertaining guys right now.
Ya the guy is just boring. the internet marks love him as he was an indy guy for a long time and from a technical aspect he is one of the better guys out there. Like I said he is Dean Melenko with a push.

I consider the golden age of tag teams to be legion of doom, demolition, and that age. when you had guys that where teamed together and knew how to work off one another. I enjoyed that and liked seeing it work.

I also loved stables another thing of the past. No more DX, ministry, corporation, and however many other stables they had. Last one they did was Nexus and what could have been pretty solid got super cena real fast.

I really think Jericho is gonna help punk. He knows how to work a crowd and make the other guy look good. His band is supposed to be going on tour soon though so not sure how long he is gonna be around.
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