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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
No bag is THAT bad, just that there are better options out there in my opinion.

I have a K-factor 6pack pag and that was really well built. It doesn't collapse on itself and the zippers are excellent. Thermo-line works well enough. It was a very simple bag, no hidden pockets and what not.

Then I bought a Federer Super Six bag for a good deal.

It's not that much bigger than my k-factor 6pack but it holds much more stuff. For a non-12pack, the bag is usable pocket galore. If you want to stretch it, you can hold 6 racquets in each of the racquet compartments. Shoes are able to fit inside the main compartment easily (comes with a shoe bag) along with jackets for the cold weather. There are no buckles so the bag doesn't squeak, and the straps seem to be sturdy enough. Thermoline works well enough. It's a soft bag, so it's very comfortable to carry around.

However, the bag does collapse onto itself and if you are going to stuff it habitually, I really doubt the zippers will hold up. It's funny because the non-Federer versions Wilson's Super 6 bags are much more resistant to collapsing, while keeping all of its design and features.

Having said that, I'm sort of annoyed that what is supposed to be more expensive, "signature" bag has inferior built quality than their normal range.
Lol! yeah I guess hm well I've heard bad news about the Wilson Team 3x II bags that expand into a six pack. Was going to get federer six pack maybe a pro tour six will be better. I thought they had a three pack but then maybe if I had three racquets it would be full literarly so I'll be going six.
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