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The tennis situation in DC seems quite fragile.

I know a 4.0 senior guy I would love to have as my mixed partner. He doesn't want to play MOCO because of the travel time and night matches. I was going to suggest we play DC senior 8.0 mixed this summer but DC did not even have an 8.0 league last year. They had 7.0 senior mixed (four teams), and that was it.

I haven't read the proposal, but I would support almost anything that supports tennis in DC. It may well go extinct without a little help.

AngleQueen, I believe our fees for each league in MD are about $23. $40 is lame.

On the question of players being able to be on multiple teams, I would hate to see that change. I am currently on four teams, yet I only play 1-2 times per week. This spring, I plan to play two for the Adult season: MOCO and DC. If I were limited to one team, I would only get four matches in 12 weeks.
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