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Well, and this is the whole interview.

Now, in light of the many insights that it brings to this discussion, how do you view the doping problem in the context of tennis? Did it change anything?

Does it change your view on the use or possible legalization of some particular (endogenous) types of PEDs (those that enhance the utilization of substances produced by the own human body)?

I specially like how he advocates that what is actually unfair is nature, and how the use of some of these PEDs actually would level the playing field. It's the kind of seemingly distorted logic that, again, only those who are in the business of sports doping can give.

And please, Let's try to keep this discussion reasonably civil and without offense, so this thread won't be deleted.

I will try to post more additional material if things go well around here.


Edit: Not sure if people will keep reading through the thread, so I will post these related articles brought in a later post closer to the OP.

Some suplemental reading to corroborate the material already posted in the thread.

This article has probably been posted or quoted in this forum but for those who still didn't read it
Howman: Reform needed in anti-doping fight

Much of what is in this article supports what was said in the Heredia interview back in 2008.

Now another very interesting interview done by Spiegel. Richard Pond, the interviewee is a former WADA president. Not as deep as the Heredia one, but he gives a few good insights into the doping mafia.
Heredia is also mentioned in it.,00.html

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