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Well, and just in case some people were thinking where or what Angel Heredia has been doing ever since giving his fair share of cooperation in the tribunal courts.

Here's one of his latest clients:

I'm not a big boxing fan, but I watched this last fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao (and I wasn't aware of Heredia's connection to Marquez before that article).

I'm no boxing connoisseur either but Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Maywheather are like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the boxing world right now. They aren't on heavy-weight divisions but they have been great champions for years in multiple lighter weight divisions, and are guys that are considered nigh-unbeatable by other competitors.

A fight between both of these pugilists has been touted and in the works for a long time but it has never happened and it may never actually happen for many different reasons. I think boxing fans who have been following this episode for a long time may help to explain this better than I do here.

But anyway, back to Juan Manuel Marquez x Manny Pacquiao II, it was really a great fight, and even to a non boxing fan like me, one thing was pretty clear: Juan Marquez did absolutely win that fight. It was close, but it really looked like he won. All the signs where pointing to that, even Pacquiao's body language and the ansious look of his attentive wife during the judges scores.

Despite that, the judges scored a unanimous win by Pacquiao.

Well, you don't even need to go to a boxing or fighting forum to see the people's opinions on that fight.
Just take a look at one of the ongoing threads in the Odds and Ends section of this same forum to see how some people reacted to the fight decision:

Yeah, I think one thing we can all agree though, is that this Angel Heredia guy is indeed a really great coach.

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