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Originally Posted by DjokovicForTheWin View Post
Nothing in this article surprises me at all. Ever since Ben Johnson was caught at track and field, I knew that everyone was doing it. It was pretty obvious. People just like to believe in others, but the cold truth is that people lie very easily. Every one of them.
Ben was really stupid, had he retired after that WR he would have not been caught and been disgraced, esp since he was not using anything designer (from what i know) but stanazolol which was used to fatten cows/livestock.

OTOH, Flo Jo retired before being caught, but then suddenly died a few years later. (Yes, she was never caught).

All the others who were detected went through their typical one to two years of professing innocence and then finally admitting guilt. The number of vials of banned substances and syringes that are found at various "Games" such as Olympics, Asian etc is high.

During the height of the cold war/communism or whatever it was did you notice that the Eastern Bloc athletes excelled in areas where steroids would help -- sprints, field events (power events), lifting etc, and not so much in skill events. Especially the women, where the difference would be larger.

However, i still don't know whether the african long distance runners are doped. I still think they aren't. Any info on that ?
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