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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Cheers Will. I'll look up the thread. Did you have to pay import tax on it BTW?
No I dont' think so, just paid the full price on the listing. Think it was around 25 bucks all in. Took about 2 weeks to arrive.

It snapped when I was stringing it, didn't know if it was my fault or the strings so I told the seller what happened and he sent me another set FOC. Strung the 2nd set with no dramas. Good service I thought!

Item no.220780438373. This is the stuff I got. He does different 'types' of nat gut designed/intended for different types of player. It's interesting stuff, current listing says 17 odd + 4.50ish postage. Might get some more........

(Didn't you buy a couple of 03 Tours from me in the FB group a while back? One of them had it in the mains with syn gut crosses.)
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