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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
I agree that the notion of fairness by getting everyone to dope makes some sense in a distorted way, but isn't the beauty of sport that not everyone is born with the same tools and people find ways to make up for their deficiencies?

If everyone were doped to have the recovery ability of Federer, the steel will of Nadal or the flexibility of Djokovic, we would just end up with super humans and the game would be boring (I'm pretty sure its only a matter of time before they isolate the drugs/hormones that control all these).

Reminds me of the movie Gattaca. No thank you.
Agree with you. When he mentioned fairness, I thought he meant that it would be fair because they're not detectable, but athletes who can't afford the "designer" ones had to take the risk of having their careers ruined by taking the cheaper versions... in that case I think he could have a point.

If something cannot be detected, and everyone is using it, then it seems unfair to demand athletes not to use them, and either be at a disadvantage compared to everyone else or feel like a cheater. Isn't that the reason why this egg thing isn't forbidden?.
Now, since they after all DID catch this guys and many athletes he worked with, I'm thinking the substances cannot be as undetectable as he claims?.

Also, if this thing is from 2008, and it sounds as if he was THE dealer, I wonder what are the athletes of those disciplines using, HOW are they getting it?. Has there been any difference in performance once he was caught?.

Interesting to note as well that he doesn't mention tennis. IF tennis players use PEDs the way he says other athletes do, they were not getting them from him, there's been no difference in performance after 2008.

Originally Posted by hisrob777 View Post
Very interesting post. Let me ask would you be surprised or not to find out your favorite tennis player used PEDs? How would your opinion change of him or her and would it change your views on PEDs in general?
It really would depend on how conclusive the evidence would be and how common in the sport it'd be.

I would be surprised, yes.
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