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Well, I strung up one of my SPB's last night with the BHBR at 57/58 in the mains and a pound or two lower in the cross. The string looks and feels almost exactly the same as Luxilon ALU Power Rough. I am going to playtest it tonight and see how it goes.

The BHB7 looks a lot like Pro Supex Blue Gear. Not sure it plays anything like that but it sure looks similar. I remember playtesting that string a couple years ago.
The BHB7 plays nothing like the Blue Gear in my experience. The Blue Gear came out years ago.. and was really one of the 1st go arounds with this type of string. I was not impressed. Stiff.. no feel...not much power. Great spin but not much more and did not really hold tension very well. I playtested the Blue Gear for many hours hoping it would be a winner. It sort of made my arm sore.. and I never won a set playing with it. I could not wait to cut it out.
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