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Originally Posted by mike84 View Post
yes it is

kinda funny how during hbo 24/7 special leading to fight he claimed to be there only to help marquez with his strength and conditioning

so much for wanting to become pharmacist lol

back doing what he knows best helping athletes cheat
In this interview he says he has always been for a clean sport, and never gave Marquez anything illegal. And he is suing someone for diffamation, for suggesting he has been doing exactly that with Marquez. In the interview three years ago he said pretty much every athlete is doping and he is one of the best in the business in helping them do that. Whatever. It's odd he would even be allowed to work as a physical trainer.

I suppose he means illegal things are illegal only if you are caught, and I suppose he has a point there. If all the participants in a running race are in fact doping, as he claims, then the cheating must somehow cancel itself out. It seems to be all a big game. But because he is very hard to believe in this tv interview, this also affects his credibility in the written interview posted here.
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