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Thanks for the input AQ. Interesting thoughts.

Yeah, the announcement seemed to be missing details and it's all really strange.

I'm assuming that when they say VA is 57%, they mean people who are registered/live in VA are 57%. IIRC, I don't have to have have a USTA membership in DC to play DC.

I'm also assuming that since they want to limit the vote of any single district, maybe the vote is proportional to membership - thus VA gets more say because they have a larger membership pool.

As for playing in other districts, I'm all for giving players more opportunities to play as long as they pay. (FYI - I played and won a 3.5 singles tourney in DC. It was fun.) I would also think that paying the league fees in that district even if you come from another state would help the district you play in.

What I wouldn't want to see is where out of state teams dominate or take over a local league.

Honestly I guess this is all inside politics that wont impact most players, but I wouldn't want to see some sort of policy or rules implemented that my limit my playing opportunities to help a smaller district with less players (not that is what's happening... just hypothetically).

Also, USTA is ********... when is the last time you sent a letter? They should provide and email or a online form for player input/feedback. If they want verification, ask for your USTA number.... SMH!

Topaz - are you serious? You need about 4 teams to play 2x a week? I joined two teams and seemed like I have more tennis than I knew what to do with... but then again I was also had tennis sessions set up at FRC too.
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