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Originally Posted by Fate Archer View Post
Well, and this is the whole interview.

Now, in light of the many insights that it brings to this discussion, how do you view the doping problem in the context of tennis? Did it change anything?

Does it change your view on the use or possible legalization of some particular (endogenous) types of PEDs (those that enhance the utilization of substances produced by the own human body)?

I specially like how he advocates that what is actually unfair is nature, and how the use of some of these PEDs actually would level the playing field. It's the kind of seemingly distorted logic that, again, only those who are in the business of sports doping can give.

And please, Let's try to keep this discussion reasonably civil and without offense, so this thread won't be deleted.

I will try to post more additional material if things go well around here.

Wow dude. Awesome effort. I used to cycle and bodybuild and I knew how easy it was to get the 'gear'. I did not realise how advanced some of the techniques used today actually were. Now I know why when I was at my peak training 6 days a week,twice a day, I still could not play a 6 hour match at a high level of intensity. I guess it really makes you think. Again,great transcript. Well done.
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