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Originally Posted by equinox View Post
Have to laugh at this thread.

Basically a giant "WISH LIST" checkout.

Pics or didn't click buy.

Dreamers, as if the body..

It's actually more of a complaint thread for me. (Warm-up) Pants without pockets, ill-fitting tops (for the very small or very large), horizontal lines in the Wrong place. Boring plain colors or weird combinations. I have to wonder if the people who design this stuff ever wear it or, better yet, play in it.

Sorry, 'Nox. Were that it as easy for us as the guys. Pair of shorts & any old t-shirt will do. Believe me, there are days when I've played that way...and maybe I should just go back to it. Be my own form of Protest for the Year. Tennis dress, be dammed!
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