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Originally Posted by Motherwasp View Post
Hey guys, been a while since I've posted here. I switched to the Exo3 Tour a few weeks ago
Just a cotton-picking minute... it's been a while since I posted here, and I took delivery of an EXO3 Tour today! Must be something in the air.

I'll be stringing mine up with gut in the mains and poly crosses, which isn't too dissimilar to your proposed setup. I find that the mains always dominate the feel, so multi mains with poly crosses will behave more like a stiffer multi, whilst poly mains with multi crosses comes across more like a softened poly.

If you're looking to get more control without hybriding, two multis to check out are Head RIP Control and Mantis Comfort Synthetic. RIP Control is very low powered for a multi, whilst the Mantis is probably the softest synthetic I've tried and so you could increase tension without sacrificing comfort.

Ross: I see you're see you're searching for gut. Babolat VS Team is my favourite as it had this delicious combination of comfort and crispness, but it's around 25. I tend to use Bow Brand Professional, which I get for around 20, and would be cheaper with a bulk order. It's slightly softer than the VS, and I've had no quality issues with it. If you're hybriding, I'd suggest getting the sets that come in 2 x 6m. I've also come to the decision that a hybrid with gut in the mains and a poly cross works best with a smooth poly: the textured stuff doesn't seem to add anything, stops it from moving and snapping back so easily when you're hitting topspin, and wears through it quicker.

If you are looking at the Bow Brand, be aware they use 'international' gauge sizing. I use 8: a conversion chart is below (stolen from a competitor website so I won't credit it here, but it's not my own work!)

Thickness (mm) 	 American Gauge 	 International Gauge
1.41 - 1.49	         15                             9.5
1.33 - 1.41	         15L                            9
1.26 - 1.34	         16                             8.5
1.22 - 1.30	         16L                            8
1.16 - 1.24	         17                             7.5
1.06 - 1.16	         18                             7
Hope you boys are all doing well, and indulging in tennis and a spot of polar-bearing.
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