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Default Interesting..

So, added an overgrip to my Pure Drive to increase weight and generally see if it would make a difference.

Played today and I was impressed. My groundstrokes had much more pace - kinda like I remember it used to have. My serves were faster and acused my opponent problems.

My elbow feels fine but my shoulder has a mild-moderate ache. I'll see if weighting it up more would make a difference. Conscious of the fact that too much weight could be detrimental.

Really enjoyed it today.

Lead and strings will be my friends!! Will play about with both to see if the PD1stGen and I can have a long romance.

Oh, the racquetaholic bug, expecting 2 other racquets shortly. Both have bigger head size, stiffer but renowned as comfortable sticks.

Watch this space, roll on the summer.
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