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Default Loving the Pro Open

Wilson's marketing is strange as usual. Why did they need to update from the 2011 BLX Pro Open? I have two and luuvvvvv them, just ideal for my 3.5-4.0 all-court game.

I had used K Tour until a year ago, the Pro Open is much more forgiving (not that the K Tour is overly demanding, still a very good racquet), just makes it easier to hit quality shots. I definitely like the moderately head-light balance of the Pro Open, to me it means you can swing with good racquet speed and acceleration without worrying too much about driving it long.

BLX Pro Open with 4 g lead tape under grip, to make it 4.0 pts HL
VS Touch 15L mains 60 Lbs / WC Black5Edge crosses 52 Lbs
Try it you'll like it!
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