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Default says the KLIP Legend Tour 17 will be back in stock by the end of this month. It is sold out.

In the meantime, here is an update on my current playtest of cross string with that string.

Testing Update (3 hours):

MSV Co-Focus 1.18 impressions: soft, comfortable, resilient, lively, crispy, precise, with good access to spin and good feel. Nice ball pocketing.

Weiss Cannon Mosquito Bite 1.16 impressions: comfortable, lively, crispy, precise, slightly stiff, with decent access to spin and decent feel.

I would expect the MSV to be a bit more durable and to have slightly better tension stability based on it’s diameter.

So far, head to head, I have to say that - as a doubles specialist - the MSV has impressed me more (especially at the net), although, if I was a baseliner I might lean towards the MB. Both these strings are very solid options as crosses with gut in the mains - small gauge to reduce wear, slippery to allow maximum spin potetial, and offer some pop.

I will update this test as the string wears and loses tension. Then I will platest the WC Silverstring 1.20 against the “winner”.
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