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I have tried Pacific Classic 16 mains at 54 with scorpion 1.22 crosses at 57 in a pure drive like. It feels a bit too powerful, very nice pocketing when hitting flat serves, slices or volleys, also nice for flatter shots. When hitting with topspin swing motion, balls sometimes fly. I was wondering if I could get a bit more spin, and a bit less pop with some few changes but still maintaining gut/poly, as the pocketing and feel nice. Different options:
I was thinking raising the tension to 60/57
Get thinner gut as 17. I am sure I will get a bit more power but hopefully a bit more bite as well. Then get a lower powered poly to compensate.
If I do this, what low powered poly do you recommend that holds the tension well? I think I have read that silverstring is less powerful than scorpion somewhere, but recently someone said just the opposite.
Opinions on low powered poly to tame pacific classic 17 gut and help with spin and good tension hold?
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