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Originally Posted by BU-Tennis View Post
Ok, redrew it, you can see the triangles, but i still left the cross bars connecting the short and deep balls just to facilitate the viewer to help see the proper depths you described.
Hey BU, I guess I'm getting to be high maintenance, but going over this with a college player this morning I realized the deep cone was set a little too deep.
The deep cone should be about 4ft short of the extreme depth line, which will improve the triangle and make it a bit fatter looking I expect,
especially if we move it and the short cone a bit closer to the wide line to enable us to be a little closer to the line when hitting the dtl.
If you can make these 2 changes it would be greatly appreciated.
Also would you want to try one without the 2 extra lines connecting the 2 cones to see how that would look in comparison?
thanks a ton,
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