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UCLA plays Pepperdine this Tuesday @UCLA. Both are top D-1 schools and both use Solinco. From my experience, Solinco strings are heavy and thick and have better durability than many others.
Try going there and asking the players how many hours of hitting their strings last before breaking. UCLA's #2 from last year, who I hit with once in awhile, said his Revolution 1.25 lasts him at most 7-8 hours, and that's in a Prestige.

Now a Futures player is claiming to get 30+ hours?? Don't believe everything you read.
1.25 I consider a thinner string IMO. I am using ltec mains at 1.28 and they actually feel and play as 1.30 and I think they run thick. I can easily break 1.25 mains in 6 hours as well. And I am 45 years old.
My ltec broke at around 24 hours today. The flat 4s cross really delayed any deep notching. I can easily see some string jobs with ltec going 30 hours without break at a very high level of play. The 0s/4s hybrid is very stout in terms of wear. More so than many other polys. I think its the flat wide cross.
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